Which way is the beach?


We had a beautiful sunny day on Sunday (ha! how appropriate!) so I dragged my pasty white milk bags down to the common (or park for the North Americans) near our house to absorb some of this British sun.  When we arrived I witnessed one of my favourite British summer traditions…everyone stripping off into their bikinis and swimming trunks in and laying on the GRASS in the PARK.  It’s hilarious because if you didn’t’ know better you’d assume there was a massive body of water or at least a pool nearby. Water or no water the thought of donning a bathing suit brings shivers down my spine as if you recall how white my legs are, you can only imagine what that means for my upper thighs, torso and back…again this didn’t seem to matter to most out that day as I watched them turn from pasty white to bubble gum pink as the afternoon went on.

Also on this sunny day, for the first time in years, I had a caramel sundae from McDonald’s.  I know I have regaled you with stories of McDonald’s in the past but when I worked there we used to make the most rocking caramel sundae’s with caramel (and sprinkles!) on the bottom then ice cream and more caramel and sprinkles on the top.  Well, yesterday we were walking down the high street and both the hubby’s and my eyes were drawn instantaneously to this man walking by with a McD’s caramel sundae with so much caramel it made my mouth water….using very few words we both looked at each other nodded and detoured in to McDonald’s and got the best caramel sundae I have had in ages.

The bit that got me thinking was that how great of a marketing ploy this would be/was.  See, when we first came out of the park and started back home down the high street there was this women– presumably a store manager at McDonald’s, standing in her uniform with a big sign handing out coupons for 2 for 1 burgers.  We (surprisingly) walked by and didn’t take one as it was a hot day so a burger wasn’t as appealing….funnily enough a half a block later we saw Average Jo with his kick ass caramel sundae and were drawn to McDonald’s like scantily clad sun bathers to the common on a sunny day…what a great marketing campaign!  Forget the poor store manager in her long trousers black McDonald’s top and hat sweating in the sun…just give out a few free sundaes to customers, stipulate that the person has to walk up the high street/through the common and voila you subconsciously have people’s mouths watering.  It will be the best marketing ££’s they have ever spent…and will probably prevent the store manger from dying of heat exhaustion.

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