Face down in the sand

I haven’t rambled on about any good gadgets lately but I found a few that I thought were pretty neat. 


The first one I quite enjoyed…mainly cause I would like to be using it on a beach somewhere versus stuck in the office. 




Its called the podillow…not sure about the name but like the concept as I do think it’s fairly annoying to try to tan your back face down on the beach.  I also love the ingenuity of the ipod and mobile holder…cause seriously I couldn’t go 20 minutes without said gadgets let alone an entire day on the beach.  My issue comes with the portability of it…it looks like a dog bowl with a pillow on top of it and not sure it would fit neatly in my beach bag with my change of clothing, spare pair of shoes, towel, book, magazine, hairbrush and makeup….that just be me though. Oh yeah and my second issue is that when you are face down it looks like you had a bit of a rough night and are puking in a toilet with a nice cushy seat…hey, now THAT’s an idea. 


The second one also has a lounging theme…although this one isn’t on a beach its called the Lazy Geek’s cushion… 





I don’t tend to lie on the floor that much to use my laptop (I sit with Dave) but I might start if I had this gadget.  It seems to eliminate carpet burn on your elbows and sore lower back I imagine you would have if you spent half the amount of time on your laptop on the floor as I do on my couch.  My fave thing about this one is the picture…doesn’t it look like she is lounging ON TOP of her desk?   Hmm wonder  if that would fly at my office…if you’ve ever seen me you would know that I definitely wouldn’t need a long desk to stretch out my super long legs on.   Although the risk of getting too comfortable does exist , wonder how many times I could get caught napping before the table lounging privileges would be revoked?


Finally, this one doesn’t have anything to do with sun or lounging (shame) but it does relate back to my rocking P.A.N.K status (professional aunt, no kids)…I think this would be a perfect gift for my nieces (just as long as they don’t bring it with them if they come visit).




Check it out…I bet you could fling (or zing) broccoli (or mashed potatoes) a good few feet!!  – right, that might qualify as a messy gift…now to find a loud and annoying one..

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2 Responses to Face down in the sand

  1. Bob Cuddy says:

    At the risk of sounding like a spammer there is one additional new beach item pack that is becoming very popular that is extremely conducive for tanning: the SquidFace pillow. This is a patented, multi-use invention for lying truly facedown comfortably and breathe without turning your head to the side plus many varied uses. All the benefits are on the website. SquidFace.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I was really excited about the pillow until I pictured me, a middle age Nana face down on the beach. You would need to add a sign for the back saying “Not dead just resting!” Aunty L.

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