Picture it…Sicily

I just read that Estelle Getty has passed away at 84. For those of you not on a ‘real name basis’, she played Sophia – Dorthy’s mom on Golden Girls…the little sharped tongue sarcastic one (all great qualities if you ask me).

I have many fond memories of watching Golden Girls with my two lovely great Aunts – you know the ones that never said no, even if it meant dragging some old toy out from the basement which took an hour to set up and 5 minutes for me to get bored of, the ones who let me eat all the sweets I could get my hands on, got me addicted to tea with 6 sugars at a very young age…oh yeah and let me watch Golden Girls waaay past my bedtime. I sort of pictured the three of us like the Golden Girls (minus the 50 year age difference and the sexual innuendos cause that would be a bit weird…).

Anyway in her memory I leave you with a classic Sophia line…(also one I could use on my great Aunt….sorry Boo 🙂

Dorthy: Ma, I don’t snore!
Sophia: Please! I had to turn you away from the window so you wouldn’t inhale the drapes!

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2 Responses to Picture it…Sicily

  1. Kirstin says:

    I know! I heard about poor Estelle and I, too, loved the Golden Girls. Where the hell did you find that quote?! Hilarious!

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