I am not sure why it is that way…it just is

I had a friend over from Canada this weekend and her visit helped to remind me of a few things that may seem strange to someone visiting London.


Fish and Chips – they leave the skin on the fish here and yes, everyone seems to eat the entire thing, skin and all




Woolworths – they are still open here, not sure why they closed in Canada but I am sure it had something to do with a larger, American store coming in and taking away their business


Argos – yes these are just like Consumers Distributing and no, I don’t know why the concept still works here and didn’t at home

Salad Cream – this is not a moisturiser for your lettuce it’s a sweet mayonnaise salad dressing – I think at home we call it coleslaw sauce



Marble Cheese– no they do not have marble cheese in the UK…cheddar cheese is naturally white, for some reason in Canada they dye cheddar orange so when they make marble cheese they just don’t fully dye in the naturally white cheese, since they don’t dye their cheddar cheese here, they don’t have marble.


Mobile phones – no you don’t get charged for incoming calls in the UK…people over here think I am nuts when if tell them that in Canada we get charged to make AND receive calls….so in Canada if someone answers the phone when you call they must like you enough to accept the charges, if no one tends to pick up their mobile when you call…you might need to get new friends


Warm towels – Yes you really should use the towel warmer in the bathroom…there is nothing better than a warm towel after a shower, not sure how I lived this long without them



Tube – yes, we take it everywhere.  Its smelly, hot and packed but you ignore that as it takes you from one end of the city faster than if you walked (most of the time) and much faster than if you tried to drive



Lager shandy – a traditional shandy is made with half beer half Lemonade (Sprite for Canadians) NOT half beer half Ginger Ale as they do in Canada



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