Proud to be a P.A.N.K.

I read this today and absolutely loved it…we are all familiar with the D.I.N.K acronym (double income no kids) but this one is even better (and I am one) P.A.N.K standing for Professional Aunts with No Kids.  How great is that!! Presumably my hubbie is then a P.U.N.K (ha! if you ever met him you would be laughing as he is probably the farthest thing from a traditional ‘punk’)

Anyway there was a new website launched called Savvy Auntie aimed at this large demographic (who knew)  of P.A.N.K.’s and includes information on crafts and activities to do with the kids as well as gift ideas blogs and forums.  There is also going to be a virtual fridge where your nieces/nephews can share their artwork digitally with you (saving you from rushing around just before they come visit and sticking up their artwork all over the place as if you ALWAYS have it on display wink, wink)

The site is great but personally I am waiting for the following articles:

  • Candy that gives the best sugar high and how fast the high kicks in so you know when to hand them back to their parents
  • The Whisky trick – How to get your niece/nephew to bed on time
  • 10 Most Annoying Birthday Gifts (followed by the special Chrismas edition – 10 Messiest Christmas presents)
  • How to get them to stop repeating the swear words you might have accidentally said
  • Dora the Explorer – How to turn everythign she says into a sexual innuendo by adding ‘in bed’ to the end of each sentence…’Swiper don’t swipe that…in bed

Do you think they will ask me to blog for them when they get it up and running??

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3 Responses to Proud to be a P.A.N.K.

  1. Emma says:

    ha….love love love! i am such a P.A.N.K!
    I’m still waiting on the article about the “Let’s hide in the padded closet” game.

    PS. My nephew told me the other day that I was not yet an adult because I wasn’t married and had no kids!

  2. Corey says:

    As the father of your only nieces…..I think we will have to revisit the rules!!!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I can’t wait to get the girls over here and take them on the tube and teach them how to stand in the aisles and ‘surf’ the tube…then we wil go to the pub and they can collect pint glasses for pocket money…they’ll love it!

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