That’s MY cup

As I mentioned before, tea is a fairly important part of our working culture…everyone has their routine of when they have their first cup and their cutoff for the last …ooh I couldn’t possibly have one past 5:00 it would spoil my dinner/keep me up/prevent me from getting nice and drunk tonight.  There are also cup rituals, some people like a big mug of tea (like me) and others like a daintier cup to satisfy smaller caffeine cravings.

There were two issues at our office when I first started with regard to tea 1) we didn’t/still don’t have a dish waster 2) we didn’t have enough cups.  This meant that all cups had to be hand washed and if co-workers didn’t wash cups (like they usually didn’t) there were no cups when you went for your morning brew.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that the only solution was to bring in my own mug (I use the word mug loosely, its more a jug as it holds about a pint of tea) and established fairly early on with my colleagues that anyone caught using MY mug would be punished by death. 

The main reasoning behind having my own mug (besides my inability to share stemming back to my life as an only child) is that if I didn’t clean my mug and it was mouldy and dirty when I wanted a cup there was only me to blame for not cleaning it. Based on that, you can see why I loved this tea mug gadget

Essentially, you keep the key in the mug all day when you want to use it but when you leave at night or go on holiday, you take the key out leaving about a 3xm hole in the cup.  This obviously means that someone who takes your mug to make their tea without having the key in it will…wait for it…it’s hilarious…they will suffer third degree burns on their nether regions when they pour in the hot water!!!….whew, hilarious eh, the possibility of causing infertility in a co-worker gets me every time!

Okay so realistically this gag could backfire terribly on a poor unsuspecting newbie who grabs a mug to make themselves a tea (pray they aren’t American as they would sue your ass, your boss’s ass, the kettle manufacturers ass, the mug company’s ass and the person who invented making tea with hot water’s ass) but the basic theory supports mine…everyone should get their own mug.  Personalise it with their name in huge letters if you have to but then they only have themselves to blame if their cup is all mouldy when they go to make a cup of tea after a week’s holiday and find tea remnants in there from the Friday afternoon before they left.  See, makes perfect sense….on that note it’s 3:30….tea time!

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