Naming and shaming

I love reading my daily free papers (3 in total, 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening) to get me through my commute and prevent me from starring at the fellow tube travelers and making up stories in my head about them or to stop me from trying to ask them where they bought their shoes/shirt/handbag (speaking to a stranger on the tube is a social no no – they could kick me off for such behaviour).

In tonight’s paper I was excited to see some Torontonians in full colour on the second page. Want to know what got my fellow countrymen in the paper? … Heckling! They were taunting Alex Rodriguez (baseball player) at a Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) game by holding up pictures of Madonna whom he has allegedly had an ’emotional’ affair with. Way to go boys, next time maybe you can hold up signs with a total of how much money he will lose to his wife in the divorce for not even sleeping with Madonna…bet he’s wishing he did for what its going to cost him now.

The second story I found mildly odd was about how my local council wants to crack down on drug dealing in Brixton. They are going with the ever popular and cleverly rhyming crime prevention method called ‘name and shame’. The local drug dealers will now have their photograph, name and details of their offense(s) on the council’s websites…What kind of shame is that? am I meant to log on check them out then when I see them hanging around the tube shake my finger at them and scold them.

I think it works just the opposite..its basically the best free advertising the dealers could get!…people looking for drugs simply log on to the council site, choose a dealer based on their prior convictions (cocaine, weed etc), get their name, photo then head to Brixton – its like online shopping for drug addicts. I bet Amy Winehouse already printed out all the dealers info and is outside Brixton tube station right now…shaking her finger and scolding at the dealers of course.

(Just kidding Mom, when I said my local council I meant a local council up near Manchester, hundreds and hundreds and miles from our flat)

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