A tad batty…

Okay so I can’t help but comment on this story…I read about it in the metro this morning on my way to work and have heard about it a few times on the radio and I admit the story creeps me out a bit but I am most disturbed about the picture that was in the paper.

First the story…a woman in Norwich felt a funny vibration in her chest while driving to work one day but figured it was the vibration from her mobile phone. After 5 hours she finally deduced it must be coming from her bra. She took it off and found a baby bat hidden in the pouch in her bra (I am assuming the pouch that you stick the padded enhancement things in…not that I would know) – turned out the bra had been hanging on her clothes line over night and at some point the baby bat thought it looked like a cozy little place to reside.

Anyway kinda cutesy story but as I mentioned above…check out the picture….

Seriously?? who suggested she take her shirt off and stick a giant rubber bat to her bra –did we need to see that understand the story? ‘ The caption under the picture read…’Abbie recreates the batty incident’.

Yes because Average Joe commuting to work in the morning reading the paper needs to see a massive fake bat perched on a woman’s cleavage to understand what really happened…gratuitous boob shot if you ask me. It’s only fair that tomorrow the story about the hot male model who found a bat in his boxers…now THAT is something I need to see recreated.


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One Response to A tad batty…

  1. Jayne says:

    Ha!! I saw that too and thought the same. It spoiled the story for me. I’m even beginning to suspaect that the actual bat wasn’t even that big….

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