Yeah, you do look like a bit of an idiot…

I have always been a fan of commercials (as per my various posts on them) and over the years have seen a fair few great ads come out of the UK.  They seem to have a knack particularly for the hard hitting public service announcements are are wiling to go farther/be riskier/more in your face, than most of the stuff I have seen. 

The UK govenrment seems to be responsible for the most memorable ones I can think of including this ad advocating 30 mph zones and this fairly chilling one warning of the dangers of taking a call while driving.

A few weeks ago, the government launched an anti-binge drinking ad campaign targeted at the 18-25 year olds (well thats what the government says cause legally they shouldn’t acknowledge underage drinking but I think the campaign is really aimed at 13-18 year olds).  Again, they have that UK edginess that makes them hard to ignore.  I am not entirely sure in Canada you would ever see a commercial showing someone peeing or wiping puke in their hair but this strategy definitely does get your attention which is important in this day and age when you really are competing with computers/ipods/mobile phones to get and keep someones attention.  

I think these ads will work to at least get people to think as even a hardened pessimistic marketing addict like me couldn’t help but stop and agree that some of the crap you get up to while hammered is pretty stupid and that you would be mad to do it in the light of day or sober.  So stay sober you young kids….thankfully I am well past the target age for this campaign so I can carry on binge drinking and making an a** of myself…Cheers!


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2 Responses to Yeah, you do look like a bit of an idiot…

  1. mic says:

    Statistically there are massively more problems with the 18-24 target group than underage drinkers, but the latter tend to get all the press attention.

  2. Jayne says:

    To be fair, I look like that girl most days. Not in looks or body I hasten to add, just the puke and smeared make up.

    (more seriously though, I think that advert is really good).

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