Tennis anyone?

On Saturday we did a wonderfully English thing and spent the day a Wimbledon. We had great tickets to centre court and got to see the hometown favorite Andy Murray win which was great (unfortunately he lost tonight though!!).

Arriving at Wimbledon is just how you imagine, everything is pristine, flowers in pots are perfectly manicured and every staff member whether they are an umpire, scorekeeper, line judge, ball boys/girls, they are all dressed in Wimbledon branded Polo gear (Polo the brand, not the sport) from head to toe (even matching shoes!).

I was particularly captivated by the ball girls/boys as they are required to spend the entire length of the games either crouched down on all fours or standing still like statues. They only move to get a ball from the court or to throw balls to a player before a serve but must immediately return to their statuesque position once their task is completed. I checked the Wimbledon website to see where they get these stoic characters and loved what kids have to go through before becoming an official ball girl or boy my favourites included:

  • Be able to complete a circuit then stand still for 3 minutes (well, that’s me disqualified!, 3 minutes thats like a full TV commercial break)
  • Roll three flat, straight ball (one after another arriving in released order) (hehe ‘arriving in released order’ how fantastic is that description!! I am sorry little Mary your balls arrived out of order, you will never be a ball girl)
  • Feed, receive and indicate ‘no tennis balls’ as instructed (for the record to ‘indicate no tennis balls’ you have to stand stick straight like a solider starring straight ahead with your arms tight to your side and your palms facing up, yes, it looks just as stupid as it sounds)
  • Pivot using correct movement (ha, I am picturing some underage ‘America’s top model’ with these ball girls and boys workin’ it down the court pivoting in front of the judges)
  • Adopt the correct stance (riiiight….um I was under the impression this was ball girl training…not signing up for the British Army…do I get one of those tall black fuzzy hats with a chin strap??)

A few pictures just so you can get the idea:

Smartly dressed line judge

Ball boys/girls – At least they get a good view of the game…sore knees though

And finally, I didn’t take this one but was able to find an image of ‘indicating no balls’ on BBC…amazing!

How fabulously posh, how can you not just love it!?!

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