Rhyming lesson – English style

I had to laugh when I read this the other morning as it perfectly illustrates the differences we have with the language here. It shows how we North Americans (on occasion) bastardise pronunciation of the English language (I have to put the onus on us North Americans as it has been pointed out to me on a few occasions that English was actually invented over here in England so in THEORY their pronunciations are correct).

Anyway below is a story about a woman who ‘had the shock of her life’ after finding a lizard in her banana (really? I think if the bananas got up and started chasing me, or talked to me, or tried to bite me with poisonous fangs that would be the shock of my life…but a lizard in the bag? Surprising yes! Shock of your life..probably an exaggeration)…anyway I digress, read the headline then read below so you can see the line corresponding to the asterisk….

After the asterisk it actually says *Not exactly, but ‘lizard’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘banana’…..Um actually, neither does iguana does it? Things that rhyme with banana are cabana, Hanna Montana, sultana (white grape)….not iguana! No matter how hard I try I can’t help but sound like a pompous ass if I say banana in a form that rhymes with iguana. You say baah gnaw nagh I saw baaaa nan aaah.

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3 Responses to Rhyming lesson – English style

  1. Kirstin says:

    Omg, want to know how dumb I am? (and I’m going to BLAME the lack of sleep last night & coffee this morning but, let’s face it, it prolly would have happened anyway), I read the headline and immediately understood the issue but was all, “really? the brits pronounce it Ig-waaaa-nah?” Doh!

  2. Pete says:

    Ba-Na-Na…..Ig…Wa…na… Sounds the same to me !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Having a Mother who was English and from the North, it was always Ba na ner, till I reached grade one and they thought I had a speech impediment and told me it was Ba na na! I then had learn that boots were not the back of cars and jumpers were people leaping off of bridges! Aunty L.

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