Stupid dog smile

I am a dog person through and through. The first 9 years of my life I grew up with a basset hound (see below – sorry it’s a picture of a picture but check out that kick ass 70’s green lawn chair) and swore that the day she was put down was the worst day in all my 9 years on earth and to be honest, there haven’t been too many sadder days in the 21 years since. I spent the next 15 years begging my parents Mom for another dog…wisely she knew that eventually my priorities would change and I would much rather go for walkies with my friends/boys than a dog – you won that one…Mom 1 Adrienne 0.

(NB I can actually hear my Dad saying ‘aaaw come here Deb (my mom), she’s got a picture of Maggie on her blog’)

I know that dog loving must be deep rooted in my system as whenever I see a dog (cute or otherwise) I subconsciously find myself cocking my head to the side and smiling as they pass by. I found myself doing it tonight on the tube as there were these two cute dogs sitting on their owners lap. It was quite hot in the underground so both dogs had their tongues hanging out and were starting to close their eyes as I am sure the heat and the rocking of the tube was lulling them to sleep.

I started thinking (with my head cocked and my dog smile on) that I have absolutely no idea why I do the smile thing. I am pretty sure they dogs aren’t going to look at me with my goofy grin, chew free from their owners lead and come running over begging me to be their new mommy and, no matter how hard I smile I am pretty sure the owners aren’t going to look at me and say, oh do you like my dog, why don’t you take him, he’s yours (and if they did I would assume it has a humping or peeing problem). But for some reason I still find myself smiling down at just about any dog that passes me by.

Whilst overanalysing my love of dogs in the tube, I looked around at the other passengers and saw a carriage full of 30 something tired, sweaty people with their head cocked smiling and looking longingly at these puppies. A few even laughing to themselves as the dogs patiently waited for the tube doors to open. I can only imagine that it’s the thought of having your very own adorable puppy companion to sit with you on a tube, take for walkies or just greet you with their tongue hanging out when you get home from a long day at the office and a hot tube ride home that brings a smile to our otherwise miserable commuter faces….so if you are a dog owner and see someone grinning at you with their goofy dog face on, remember that they are just doing it because deep down they are envious of your cute little fur ball (and if it does have a humping or peeing problem offer it to the goofy grinner, maybe they will take it off your hands).

On that thought I leave you with a picture of my new favourite dog breed called a Border Terrier that I hope to eventually own (yes Mom, I know it doesn’t make sense, its a lot of responsiblity, we work too late, travel too much and don’t have a proper garden for it to play in but maybe someday we will- oh yeah and before anyone asks when we might have kids…,we work too late, travel too much and don’t have a proper garden for it to play in).

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6 Responses to Stupid dog smile

  1. Dad says:

    “Aaaah come here Deb, she’s got a picture of Maggie on her blog…”



  2. Hannah says:

    Hey i have a border terrier called ben that looks sooooooo like him

    • Adrienne says:

      Aww I am so jealous!! Is he a good dog? We are getting one some day we just need to be able to spend more time at home or save enough money to get a dog walker. All of the ones I have ever met are so sweet and not super hyper active I can’t wait to get one!!

  3. Maggie says:

    I have owned many breeds of dogs in the past, and loved all of them. On Friday 21/05/2010 I purchased a Border terrier and named him Rufus. I have fallen hopelessly in love.
    never before have i had a dog with so much character, he is 11 weeks old and already fiercely independent, and fortunately the breeder had already house trained him. It is with a heavy hear I leave him behind to go to work, and count the minutes to go home to be with him. I live on a farm in Lincolnshire, so he has lots of wild life to explore.

    My partner who was weary of getting a dog, has also fallen hopelessly in love, we are both avid sailors, and Dave has purchased a Floatation Jacket for little Rufus for when we go sailing.

    So if you have lots of time to exercise a Border terrier,I say go for it, you will be well rewarded.


  4. bradley says:

    thats so cute thats what my little border looked like when he was younger ive got two border terriers now and ones a we fatty/podgy the other ones the oldest and he can fetch he will play and be friendly they’re uncle and nephew i take them out lots of walks their names are Oscar and Ollie.

    bye from Oscar Ollie and Bradley.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, them border dogs you have are gorgeous!
    Im getting one next year, i cant wait!
    Is that your border in the picture? Just a picture? Are you getting one?
    Great blog by the way! Find me on facebook!

    Fay Eilish Wilson šŸ™‚ ā¤

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