They’ve been workin’ on the rail road…


Okay so this picture sort of resembles some sort of ultra sound so I might need to explain it.  In the picture there is a giant floodlight, three men and two jackhammers ….bear in mind this picture was taken at 1:30am this morning from my bedroom window!!  Yes I do have train tracks that run right  behind my flat (up to you to decide if you think I come from the wrong side of those tracks or not) but it’s usually not that annoying as the trains just whoosh so it doesn’t usually wake me….however this morning, the floodlight nicely lit up my bedroom and the jack hammering successfully disturbed my sleep for an entire hour!!


I am sure working on  tracks in the middle of the night can’t be fun for these guys either – there were actually guys doing work on Christmas eve this year!  Literally as Santa was about to land on my roof the floodlight came on and the jackhammers started, luckily we had engaged in a few glasses of Christmas cheer so was only momentarily disturbed before falling back into a deep sleep. 


Anyway as if my mid morning hour long jack hammer wake up call wasn’t enough…check out what I came in to work to this morning!!


Seriously this dude is hammering away right outside the door to my office (that on Monday had a ladder propped up against it).  It does help marginally that he is shirtless… it  is still a little strange that I have encountered two jack hammers in less than 12 hours isn’t it?

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2 Responses to They’ve been workin’ on the rail road…

  1. Nilay says:

    You never told me he was topless… damn I missed out!

    I love reading your blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Kirstin says:

    Damn, he’s hot! The only guys doing work on our building weigh 350lbs and have sweat beads collecting in their nappy chest hair. Wanna switch?

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