Randomly placed ladders and lonely birds

I work in a fairly unique office (gastro pub converted to an office on a very residential street) and have learned over the while I have been her to expect just about anything from falling ceilings (apparently this happens in older buildings) to couples coming in on a first date asking for a table (evidentially the 9 people sitting around on their computer didn’t indicate to them that it may not be a gastro pub anymore) to dogs wandering in the open door (as there is a vet office 2 doors down).



So understandably this morning I couldn’t have been too surprised to see that in order to get in the office door I would have to walk directly under a ladder which had been left out after doing some work on the ceiling.


How do I get in?


Now I am not superstitious and am happy to say that last week Friday the 13th passed without any significant mishaps but still there is something a bit creepy about starting a Monday on like that.  Thankfully though I googled it and there are a few things I could do to reverse the damage that might have been done:


  • Spit three times through the ladder’s rungs (a bit hard as it is the entrance to our office, nothing says welcome like fresh spit)
  • Cross your fingers until you see a dog  (not that hard cause we work beside a vet office but I think I am too late as its been 3 hours since I walked under it)
  • Spit on your shoe and continue walking, but don’t look down at the shoe until the spittle has dried  (no way first of all my spit aim probably isn’t that good, second of all they are my shoes and third of all how can I spit then not look down to see if I have ruined my precious shoes….next idea)
  • Walk backwards, out from the ladder the same way you came in, and make a wish as you go back out.  (I thought I could do this one but my phone rang so I ran outside to take the call and went out frontwards…I think the damage is done )


On the topic of superstitions one of my favourite ones I have heard of here is that you see a lone magpie (neat looking bird which I am pretty sure we don’t have in Canada) you have to salute it There are a few reasons for the superstition as apparently magpies mate for life so it is unlucky to see one alone as it means their partner may have died…saluting it tends to ward off any impending bad luck. 



The first time I heard of this superstition was when one of my lovely colleagues was telling me that she failed her driving license for saluting a magpie during her driving test…at which point I had less than NO idea what a magpie was and assumed it was some kind of solider or serviceman that you saluted as a thank you for representing the country (or something like that)…hey, it made sense in my head!! Unfortunately in her case the salute didn’t help to prevent her from failing her driving test!



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