Happy Father’s Day, 100th Post day and my half birthday

Yes it is Fathers day here in the UK too…still not sure why they celebrate Mothers day (or Mothering Sunday) on a different day here as it makes it hard for us foreigners to find an appropriate card when our Mothers Day rolls around….anyway Happy Fathers day Dad, sorry the gift didn’t get there in time but hopefully it will be there tomorrow, gives you an excuse to walk all the way to the mail box.

Today is also a monumental day in the world of my blog as this post marks my 100th post, can’t believe I have written 100 posts so far! That probably amounts to more than I wrote in my entire university career!! – plus this has been wayyy more fun. I do wish I had started the blog a bit earlier than I did as there are tons of times I have said/done stupid things as the daft foreigner but most I have blocked them from my memory due to how terribly awkward and embarrassing they were.

As we are on the topic of random and uselessness I thought you might be interested in what have been most popular of my posts so far.

Top post 3 posts are as follows

1) About Me (albeit not that exciting) with 116 visitors (58 visits each by my Mom and Auntie Lorraine)
2) Waitrose does it again
3) Fancy a cuppa (mainly because it mentioned a brand named in both of those posts so from here on in its all going to be posts about Coca-Cola, Disney and iphones to up my readership)

The phrase that people searched for in Google and found me were related to milk bags or the tube map and some more strange phrases so far that someone searched for and got me included, adrienne – pretty name and why does polysporin turn a cut green (alright I can help with the first one as yes, I agree, but my medical skills aren’t up to scratch to help with the second one!)

On another note today also happens to be my 29 and a half birthday today which means I only have 6 months left to do all those things I wanted to do before I turned 30….although I can’t think of anything in particular so if you have any suggestions I am open to them (excluding getting a tattoo, belly button ring or sky diving as those are a few I have already done 🙂 )

Finally I will stop rambling and leave you with a picture of one of my favourite landmarks which I took yesterday from the top of a bus on my way to Primark…how can you not love this city!

Big ben from the bus window

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5 Responses to Happy Father’s Day, 100th Post day and my half birthday

  1. Brennnan says:

    Congratulations Adrienne on turning 100 today. I do so enjoy your Blog and have passed the link on to some of my friends, which reduces your Mom’s hits to about 52, (Some are leaving for the UK tomorrow for 3 weeks, and have found it helpful to understand the new culture of UK). You turning 29 ½ only make me feel a lot older and I should go make a list of things I should do before I’am 60.
    Cheers Brennan

  2. Kirstin says:

    Happy blog birthday!
    Love it. Keep going.

  3. Lorraine Bentley says:

    You mean I’ve read 100 of these at least twice!!! As for 30, you need to bring Jeff to Vancouver and we will take you zip treking and luging in Whistler.Actually Dec. isn’t a good month for that! Come now! Love Aunty L.

  4. Dad says:

    Speaking as “Father of the Blogger”, and the fact that your 100th was about Father’sDay, and the fact that I don’t often get to speak for both of us (Mother of the Blogger), we are very proud of your accomplishment. Keep them coming,



  5. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Dad! I will continue rambling as you of all people know how much I like talking/writing about just about anything….maybe you can start blogging too! There might be some retired folks wondering what other people do with their time 🙂
    Looking forward to a few serious Wii games in 2 months!
    Love A

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