Red Bull Flugtag – Hyde Park **update

Yesterday we had a great day out with the hubbie and I and two of our best friends here. We attended the second annual Red Bull Flugtag competition in Hyde Park. The Red Bull Flugtag is a competition which people invent machines that will ‘fly’ as far as they can off a starting ramp over the serpentine (a lake in Hyde Park). Competitors win points for style (which means the contraptions look more like parade floats than actually flying machines and most of the competitors are dresses up as anything from a flying nun to a ghost budget) and points for distance. The concept ties in with Red Bull’s strap line “Red Bull gives you wings’ but basically is a great forum to get their target audience all in one spot to watch some ridiculous competition while exposing them to Red Bull branding on everything from the Red Bull drink stations, banner making stations and meeting points…hey, whatever works!

Due to some massive trees which line the serpentine and the fact we arrived 10 minutes before the competition started we didn’t get a spot with the best view but we could see a big screen which was playing the flights which worked out well. At first we also seemed that everyone in the park thought that there was a path running right through our spot and continued to trample us and our bags in an attempt to get through the crowd, after we moved our bags to strategically block off this parade of people we were eventually left alone.

As I have mentioned many times before you can basically drink anywhere outside in London (except the tube now) so an event like this does end up being a bit of a piss up. They did allow you to bring in 1 litre of alcoholic beverages per person but it had to be in non glass containers. We opted for cans of cider but we did see the product below which is absolutely brilliant for the UK as there are many outdoor events and for those who prefer wine, this is basically the best thing I have ever seen….single serve, plastic glass, peel-off top wine! It comes in white, red and rose….amazing.

Another non glass bottle alcoholic beverage for sale was screw top Carlsberg beer! I have never seen this but loved it as well as it still tasted just like beer with the added benefit of being able to screw the top back on preventing it from spilling when you accidentally tip it over multiple times during the day (we still did however spill a considerable amount of beer on our swanky red plaid picnic blankets but that was mainly cause the beer tended to spray all over you after you tipped it over then opened it again.

Oh yeah back to the Flugtag, there were some great flying machines but basically none of them went very far and we had a few to many screw top beers for me to even guess who might have won but it was a really neat day out. Hyde Park is a beautiful park and a great location for such an event. As well, Red Bull had it set up well with adequate numbers of beer tents, food stations, toilets and of course places for you to fill up on Red Bull. I would definitely go again….maybe next year we will try for a better spot and a few less beers – okay, a better location at least.

** Update ** found this video below which actually tells who won and gives you a better idea of what I was on about…enjoy 

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One Response to Red Bull Flugtag – Hyde Park **update

  1. Lorraine Bentley says:

    Your picture brought back memories of U. Doug and I walking down that way to the lake this time last year. A beautiful place to sip beer and try those great glasses of wine! I hope you had chocolate!

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