Shewee and Ipood (couldn’t resist)

I found this pretty funny, I was flipping through my new Presents for Men catalogue (online/catalogue gadget shop which I may or may not have ordered from before – they have Presents for Ladies too but they aren’t as fun, besides but to call me a Lady is a bit of a stretch ) and saw this image below and laughed out loud.

I find that often these little catalogue companies have quite a few image or photo shop errors due to lack of budget or that they just don’t care but this one was particularly good (click on it to expand)…especially with the caption beside it….‘The most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in’

More like ‘The most comfortable chair I’ve ever levitated over’

It was a bit pathetic as when I went through the catalogue I was able to pick out numerous gadgets I already have including:

Bug zapper– tennis racket with an electric current – makes a lovely zzz sound when you hit the bugs straight on, not as good for mosquitoes as they are too small and I wouldn’t swing it around in the rain or at any other metal objects

Fridge Monkey – great invention for small English fridges, neatly stacks your beer so its not rolling around the fridge, also works for wine and cider bottles

Big Grip – great little tripod, was a present for the hubby for his birthday and has worked well as it attaches to just about anything, prevents us from having to take those geeky self portraits that always get part of someone’s arm in it.

Float chair – had this at home for the pool, it folded up to a nice little round disk so you could carry it around…not sure where you would want to take it other than the pool but you can (hey Dad, is that you in the picture carrying the bag, thought so!)

That about covers what I have but I had to add in 2 others I thought were terribly spectacular (mostly terrible)

Ipood – a portable trowel for picking up dog poo (with an ever so clever name)…there is a design flaw as you push the hand forward to contract it but it pushes right into the poo covered shovel portion?? Pretty sure after picking up the poo its not always as clean as in the picture. I know you don’t really hold the poo covered portion but I am assuming you have to at lest push that end out again to make it a full shovel and there would be poo there….no thanks.

She wee – This is a portable peeing system for women so they can stand up to pee – I can’t say I have ever ‘envied the man’s ability to go almost anywhere’ as per their product description – maybe their higher earning potential, their ability to lift heavy things and the fact they don’t have to wax but standing to pee has never been on the top of my list.

My other fave bits of the description were : machine washable (oooh are you doing laundry, hold on let me throw in my she wee) and the kicker – KEEP ONE IN YOUR HANDBAG for emergencies…can you imagine standing at a checkout digging for your debit card and your she wee falling out on the ground, or grabbingfor your mobile and getting your she wee instead….sooo not on my ‘gadgets I need’ list.

aaah gadgets, gotta love em!!

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2 Responses to Shewee and Ipood (couldn’t resist)

  1. kirstyliz says:

    Really? You don’t want a she wee? Have you considered the freak-out factor when all the ladies at work start noticing that you pee with your feet facing the wrong way in stall next door? I’m sooo getting one to keep in my purse in the hopes that soon the emails I get sent accidentally will be about my OWN sex-change operation (

    I may also invest in an anti-gravity chair. Looks like a bargain for $90!

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