Girl Guide cookies

I had one of those nostalgic moments the other day at work.  We had just finished a client meeting which meant we had tea and ‘client biscuits’.  These biscuits are distinctly fancier and yummier than the ‘staff biscuits’.  We are forbidden from eating client biscuits however, if a client comes in for a meeting and there are still biscuits on the plate when they leave, they are fair game….although you have to act fast as most everyone knows this rule and is at the plate as the door closes behind the client.

As I was leaving the meeting I saw the biscuits on the plate and just grabbed for one as I knew the scavengers would be around any second.  As I walked back to my desk I bit into the cookie and was transported to my parents kitchen raiding the girl guide cookie boxes as they tasted exactly like the white girl guide cookies which I loved growing up…I didn’t like the chocolate ones but could polish off the white row in one sitting –  we would always end up with boxes of just the chocolate cookies left (which Dad happily assisted in finishing off – mom’s a purist only chunks of dark chocolate for her, no chocolate ‘flavoured’ cookies!).  Anyway, I didn’t realise that Girl Guide cookies weren’t international as I got some really strange looks when I mentioned them as my colleagues thought Girl Guide was some sort of a brand name.

Anyway these ‘custard creams’ are my new fave treat and I would even dare say are better than Girl Guide cookies as you can buy an entire package of just the white ones (otherwise I would have to mail them home to Dad) for only £0.45 ($1.00)! Alright maybe I don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling after donating to the Girl Guides but it’s not like I am stealing their market share as they aren’t available here even if I wanted to buy from them… Needless to say, I bought a pack yesterday and this is all that is left….and no, I can’t blame any of the other employees for stealing them as they are very well hidden under my desk.

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One Response to Girl Guide cookies

  1. Kirstin says:

    I WAY hear you on the white girl guide cookies – they were kind of like vanilla Peek Freans but just sooo much better than Peek Freans but the chocolate GG ones were kind of like ‘we’re trying to be Fudgie-Os but didn’t quite make it’ and I don’t even love Fudgie-Os all that much so they were just disappointing all around and then the GGs introduced those mint chocolate ones, they weren’t bad but still not as good as the white creamy ones… Hey, wait a sec… Is it International Cookie Day again? gawd the time flies. I’d better go find me a cookie super-stat.

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