Its not just me…

I have always been one of those people who really can’t wait for anything. As a kid (and still now) when we went shopping and I bought a toy or gadget it was always opened in the car before we got home, makeup open and tested before the car started and things I have ordered online are opened before I have even shut my mail box.

These habits have translated online and websites that take more then seconds to load or more than a few clicks to get to where I want to go are often closed and I am back checking to find what I want from other, faster sites…don’t even try to show me a fancy flash intro, I wont watch it (I saw a comedian once comparing companies that play flash intros before you get to their website to a retail shop making you stand outside the store until you have heard 15 seconds of their theme song…hilarious!). At work we read quite a bit of research and it seems that this lack of patience is not only one of my bad traits but there is a massive trend toward the on demand lifestyle as attention spans are shortening and shortening so consumers have to get to the point quickly. I didn’t however thing this translated into the food we consume….

Apparently, The Grocer Magazine has done a survey and Orange consumption has been falling as of late as consumers are losing the patience to peel them!! This research has shown that consumers are moving to smaller varieties like tangerines as they are easier to peel….I had to laugh as I do think that oranges are annoying to peel and years ago bought the gadget below which was great, it essentially ‘scored’ the orange so you could peel chunks off easily….what would us ‘on demanders’ do without gadgets eh? Those Orange growers better think of a way to get the peels off faster or Oranges will go the way of flash intros!

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