Pimms o’clock and an update to the circle line party

As expected, the circle line party was apparently mayhem, they sure seemed to have mastered ‘drunk and disorderly’ in this city. Quote and link to the full story from the sun newspaper below;

POLICE arrested 17 people and closed six London Underground stations after thousands spent the night partying on the eve of a booze ban in the city….more

We opted for Pimms and a BBQ which was significantly calmer. For those of you unfamiliar with Pimms it is my fave summer beverage. Its a gin based drink made from fruit and other yummy stuff. It is the colour of tea and you mix it with lemonade (which here is sprite, not actually lemonade) and add in mint, cucumber, strawberries and lemon. Although I am not a fan of drinking cucumbers or mint so I usually substitute with more lemon, lime and oranges which makes for a nice citrussy summer drink.

The clever marketing dudes have coined the phrase “It’s Pimms o’clock” which the hubby and his friends like to chant in their best English accents whenever we drink it. There is also a winter version of Pimms (ingeniously called Pimms Winter) which you mix with warm apple juice and is really lovely on a cold wintery day but I still prefer the summer one as it reminds me of sunny days in the park or BBQ’s at our flat. Last night we consumed our first official jug so summer can now begin, did you hear that summer, we had the pimms, you can now come out, we’re waiting…..

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One Response to Pimms o’clock and an update to the circle line party

  1. Pete says:

    Sprite is called Lemonade over here? Well, no, Lemonade is called Lemonade, Sprite is just another brand name

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