Mind the gap, and the drunk people

Sadly, as of tonight at midnight you will be no longer able to drink on the tube. For most of the Canadians in the crowd I am sure they are saying ‘what? you could drink on the tube?’ Drinking in Canada is something you can only do from the safety of a pub or confines of your home (and by home I mean possibly your backyard but certainly not in your front yard, what would the neighbours think??). Alcoholic beverages are not meant to be consumed in open spaces, parks, beaches, forests, ice skating rinks, igloos, zoos, movie theaters or any form of public transit (and we thought the Brits were uptight).

Here in Britain however you can drink in any open space, sidewalk, beach, park bench or method of public transit (bus, train, tube, thames clipper) – I am not saying this is right or wrong but I can tell you that it is pretty nice to be able to have a nice cold bottle of wine on a sunny day sitting in a park or on a beach. Anyway the new mayor of London Boris-something-or-other (I really just picture that Boris dude from Rocky and Bullwinkle when I hear his name), in an effort to cut down on anti social behaviour (one of my favourite ways to describe ‘shit disturbers’) is banning drinking on the tube. Fair enough, there is really no good argument for keeping it as I am pretty sure ‘but its cheaper to get drunk on my way to the bar than pay for drinks when i get there’ doesn’t stand a chance against trying to prevent drunk people from falling on the tracks.

Anyway as expected some very ingenious Londonders have created a facebook event called LONDON UNDERGROUND’S LAST EVER PARTY to commemorate the end of a drinknig era. Everyone is meant to meet at 9pm at Liverpool station with drinks in hand, board the circle line tube and continue riding/drinking until you get kicked off. It started off as small group but as of Friday night there were more than 10,000 people signed up! hmm…. I feel there will be some some serious anti social behaviour going on! I’ll keep you posted!

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