My new lunch spot


Nothing better than getting a free cookie on your way to work (I might have to agree with Kirstin, it must be international cookie day!)….oh but wait there is something better….finding out that the cookie is advertising the new Waitrose that has just opened up around the corner from my office!  The store used to be a Budgens (think IGA for the Canadians) which definitely catered to a different audience but now it has been made in to something beautiful.  It’s the equivalent of taking the frumpy school girl and turned her into the prom queen.


Anyway there is just something so lovely about shopping in Waitrose as it is merchandised so nicely with big wide aisles and perfect looking (marginally overpriced) produce.   Their store brand products are beautifully packaged and given cutesy names and descriptions that make your mouth water just reading it. 


The grand opening seemed like quite a big deal as every suit from head office was wandering around to make sure it was running properly.  They were handing out maps to help you navigate through the store (seriously, it’s a grocery store how hard can it be), handing you a basket and even had a bike service set up to take you home (unfortunately I didn’t buy anything so couldn’t get the ride to work but can you imagine rocking up to work behind one of these??  Ha! – coincidentally the drivers were wearing these terrible hats that looked like they were designed by Anne of Green Gables which made it even better)



Due to the over abundance of head office dudes I could’t get great pictures but I think you can get the idea of its lovlieness by the shot of the dessert and crisp aisle (two of my fave).




They even had the famous milk which I was on about earlier and a beautifully presented herb section (remember to pronounce the ‘H’ in herbs). 





I am heading over shortly for lunch and can hardly wait to see what loveliness I will find for lunch (most likely from the dessert or crisp aisle….mmmm)

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One Response to My new lunch spot

  1. Lorraine Bentley says:

    Anything food and you have my undivided attention! What a lovely store to have just around the corner. You need to buy a bag full so you can have a ride on that bike. I want a picture of that! Love Aunty L.

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