OMG WTF are you saying?

On top of the many new words I have added to my vocabulary I have had to add a few acronyms.  Acronyms can be harder to figure out when someone says them in a sentence as with words you can usually get the gist of what they mean by the rest of the words they have said, with acronyms they could be talking about just about anything ie “Did you hear about that OAP that got an ASBO?”

OAP– old age pensioner (ie senior citizen) – generally used more in the news ie OAP’s play Wii games to get exercise, OAP sells heroin from his back garden, that sort of thing.

ASBO – anti social behaviour order – a warning given out (most often to minors and obscenely drunk people) for behaviour deemed ‘obstructive to society’ however it has more recently been adopted as a title for someone.  ‘Have you met Mary’s son?  He is terrible, such a little ASBO’ (sorry to any Mary’s reading this, I am sure your son is lovely)

WAG– Wives and Girlfriends – used to describe a famous footballer’s “other half” ie Victoria Beckham is a WAG.  Often times the gossip mags prefer to follow around the WAGs versus the football players as they tend to lead quite glamours lifestyles.  There is also a lovely budding demographic of girls growing up as wannabe wags – forget university, I’m going to be a WAG! (Again for any educated WAGS out there reading this I am sorry to insult you, glad to hear you are beautiful, smart and involved with an athletic rich man  – b*tch)

A&E – accident and emergency – same as the emergency room or ER  – does not refer to the television channel in the US as I had originally thought.

EOP/COP – End of play or Close of play – one of those fab business speak words, you know like “thinking outside of the box”, I hate this acronym. It just looks dumb – type out the entire sentence you lazy a**es.

RSI– repetitive strain injury – you wouldn’t think you would use this one a lot but  you do find it comes up every once and a while.  They do not however use the American equivalent phrase of ‘carpel tunnel syndrome’ as I asked a colleague if she had it as her wrist was sore and she looked at me in horror like I just asked her if she had an STD (which  for the record are called STI’s here (the I is for infections vs a D for disease – infection sounds much nicer dontcha think?)

Pretty sure I just filled up that section of your brain reserved for completely useless information….hey its partially your fault too, you could have stopped reading at anytime.  At least now if they have a British version of Jeopardy you can rock the acronym category….you can thank me later.

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2 Responses to OMG WTF are you saying?

  1. Jayne says:

    Hello there!!

    I added you to my blog list, I hope that is ok.

    We spoke on the Cf board thingie a while ago, sort of. :0)

    Take care.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yay, great to hear you are reading, your last post cracked me up especially you with your head down on the bike, I am a terrible athlete but give it a go every once and a while, just long enough to realise how crap I am again.

    Keep writing!!


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