Got my ‘sporin!

Thank you to the lovely Patrick for sending me some Polysporin….look at it in all its medicinal glory.  You can’t read it but that banner on the is drawing attention to it’s Heal Fast technology, great stuff, why let nature take its course when you can take advantage of Heal Fast technology!  I put it on last night and my hand is already much better (it was the polysporin or the fact the ‘accident’ happened over a week ago, my money is on the polysporin)


Anyway back to more of my rambles….I saw a sign on my way to work and thought it was kind of funny as it reminded me of something that would be on Jay Leno’s headlines on Tuesday nights.  That was my absolute favourite segment to watch on late night TV. For those of you not familiar Jay Leno is like Johnathan Ross but he has a headlines segment where viewers send in newspaper or magazine clippings that are either wrong, spelled incorrectly or are actually correct but really funny.   Video below shows some good ones…and below that, my kinda funny sign.


I don’t know much about law but I do know a little about marketing and if your name is Shaidy and your law firm is looking for a name, yours might not be the one I pick to represent the ‘& Co’.   I might just ask around to see if there were anyone else that was part of the & Co. that would volunteer.   Unless of course their aim is to actually provide Solicitors who don’t exactly work above the line –  in that case their name is brilliant!

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