Advertising works – especially for crap TV

I am fairly observant when it comes to marketing and am always intrigued by things that are advertised that I can’t immediately figure out what they are advertising.  When we first moved here, I was trying to figure out why there were huge eye shaped icons on billboards, clips on TV and in newspapers but no other copy, logos or decipherable images with the eye. I finally asked a colleague and they rolled their eyes saying oh that’s just an advertisement for Big Brother, it starts in a week. I hadn’t watched the American version but did know the gist but wasn’t too interested…that was until it started.

Big Brother isn’t just a TV show on over here, its almost a religion and like it or not, by the end pretty much everyone knows which contestants have hooked up, which person has said or done something controversial and which one is expected to win….the reason for this is that Big Brother somehow infects your brain. Probably because it is on TV every SINGLE night of the week for an hour and on one channel 24 hours a day for the entire 4 week season (although on a side note on the 24 hour channel you can’t always hear what they are saying as  whenever the contestants are talking about their family or a company brand name, the producers annoyingly play a tape of birds chirping and airplanes noises so you can’t hear what they are saying…took me ages to figure out that this was intentional and not that they had super crap microphones that kept picking up the noises around them). On top of the TV coverage, all the trashy papers and free papers seem to dedicate full sections to interview friends, ex lovers and parents of the contestants so you can get a true picture of these goons who choose to live their lives in front of the entire UK population.
Anyway it is quite an institution but I have to hand it to the marking dudes for the show as after seeing the image below flash on the tv screen for less than one second during a commercial break I am now aware that a new season is starting and have blogged about it, whether or not I watch it is yet to be seen but I can safely say I won’t be able to avoid it (who am I kidding, I’ll probably be watching the 24 hour channel trying desperately to lip read whilst they broadcast bird and airplane noises).

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