The walk of shame…

Before I get in to my ramble wanted to give you a quick update on my hand (cause I know you must be dying to know) anyway the silver plasters seem to be working really well, my hand is 10 times better today and actually looks like its healing. Apparently when I was a kid, i tripped and fell walking to school and skinned the side of my face (apparently it didnt’ occur to me to put my hands out to break the fall – brilliant).  The Dr was pretty sure this would scar but gave me some fancy dancy cream that was supposed to help heal and minimise scarring  – coincidentally the cream had silver in it and turned the scrape on my face a million different colours but it healed it all up with no visible scar. 

Just think, it only took them 13 years to figure out how to put this cream on the inside of a plaster whew…good thing these same guys weren’t responsible for computer technology or we would all still be clacking away at our Commodore 64’s hooked up to black and white TV’s

Anyway back to your regularly scheduled blah blah….

I can’t resist, I think this AMP energy drink commercial is hilarious as it revolves around the walk of shame phenomenon.  I have to say that being in this city full of 30 somethings whom regularly indulge in a few beverages, I have seen a few winkled suits and questionable outfits ‘the morning after’ on the tube in to work.  It is also hilarious on weekends as fancy dress parties (costume parties) are common here so we have seen a few Supermans, cats and nuns on the tube on a Sunday morning looking a bit rough (okay it may not be that strange to see a nun on a train on a Sunday morning but this one was a man)

Enjoy  – and if you have to ask what the walk of shame is you are either too young or too old for this particular post (but wikipedia can help you out should you need clarification)



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