Yes an udder post about milk…but it includes vodka too!

I must have a heightened awareness of unique milk packaging – sort of like you do after reading your horoscope wondering if your broken nail was the catastrophe in your house of Mercury or if the guy asking you for change was the random stranger who will enter your life with a request – anyway it seems strange that there can be, or that I have found, three different types of milk packaging lately (see here and here if you are really bored).

The latest I found on an airplane and was called a dairy stick and is meant to replace the little milk pots that explode on you at the best of times and definitely at 15,000 feet. These were much easier to open and none landed on my lap. I also figure they would save space as you could probably stack more in a small space than you could the pots. Below is a picture of the fancy milk (note the pure photographic genius that I was able to pour and take the picture at the same time). Way to go easy jet for being on the leading edge of milk technology!

Along those same lines I found another packaged liquid on my Ryanair flight. Individually packaged shots of gin, rum, whisky, vodka and conac…yum.

But did alcohol packaging really have to get easier? Were those twist tops too hard to get open? Is it more glamourous to rip the package of your ‘super premium’ rum with your teeth then squirt it on your shirt? On top of that you then have to daintily (in turbulence no doubt) pour it into the little plastic cup of coke they give you? Yeah, the crowd at Nobu will be all over this…

Fear not though, if you do happen to spill the first shot on your lap during the elegant teeth ripping episode you will have a second one to wet yourself with as Ryanair has a buy one get one free offer on now….brilliant, nothing like alcohol soaked drunk passengers queuing for the loo to remind you that you probably should have paid the extra £20 for the non budget airline.

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