How can you tell Summer has started in London?

The cider aisle is bare!!

We have had the most spectacular weather for the past 5 days with temperatures well over 20 and not a cloud in the sky. As most people only have postage stamp sized gardens (aka backyards) everyone flocks to the numerous parks (or ‘commons’ as most of the big ones are called) to sun tan, barbeque, walk the dog, walk the kids etc. I have spent the majority of the past two days between Wandsworth and Clapham Common reading gossip magazines and people watching as really everyone treats these big open spaces as their own back garden and fires up the bbq cracks open a beer (or cider) and lay around in their bathing suits occasionally getting up to get an ice cream from the numerous old school ice cream trucks strategically placed around the commons.

Anyway there is no real point to this blog other than to point out the fact that contrary to popular belief London can have spectacular weather and its a fabulous city to be in when it does as it’s really fun to see everyone out together in one place versus shut up in their own back gardens. I am also happy to say that it looks like the remainder of the week will be nice…ahem cough cough, I might feel a sick day coming on.

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