For the love of Post its

I love post it notes and the reason I love post its is cause my mom loves post it notes  I grew up with post its on the back of the front door reminding me to not forget my lunch, to remind dad to pick up milk or for our entire family not forget the beer/salad/dessert that we were meant to bring to a dinner party.  At Christmas I get the latest and greatest post its in my stocking (last year were the super sticky ones) and every year look forward to what new and fancy post its Santa will bring.

I am also the office post it Queen and have three small packs 2 regular packs and a bunch of post it flags on my desk right now.  I regularly stick notes to my monitor, keyboard and really important ones to my mouse.  Saying all this you must be able to understand why I was sooo excited to read about these….Transparent Post its!!

(I can almost see Mom now writing this down so she can buy them for my 2008 stocking or maybe my 30th – did I mention it is this year?) 

Granted I cant’ think immediately of any other use for them other than to point out excepts from a book as pictured above but I still want them to add to my collection.  I am sure between Mom and I, we will find a particular use for these new post its then wonder how we ever survived without them!

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2 Responses to For the love of Post its

  1. Pete says:

    Thought of ur blog today when i went into W.H Smiths, and saw the £15 POST IT Organiser. Its basically a wall calander with post its attatched to the side, but hey ! Looked fun

    …*5 minutes later* Found it !! Enjoy ! Bottom of the page !

  2. Adrienne says:

    I didn’t realise there was a Post It website!!! amazing, I am making up my Christmas list now!

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