Cook until lumpy?

What could be more English than a big feed of fish and chips and mushy peas at a pub (see picture of my lunch below).

Notice the big green lump, those are mushy peas, I thought mushy peas were just regular peas mushed up with a fork but no, they are way way more complex than that!!  Thanks to wikipedia I now know that mushy peas are created by soaking dried peas in water and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda for the Brits in the crowd) then simmered with sugar and salt til lumpy (how many things do you cook ’til lumpy’? most stuff says cook/stir/blend until you remove lumps!).  They also say that often mint or green food colouring is added to give it that radioactive glow.  Seems like a lot of work to create something that looks more like lumpy play-doh than a vegetable (and tastes like peas mashed with a fork).

Back on the mint/pea flavour, I have always been a fan of peas (frozen, fresh, canned) so one day when shopping I grabbed a bag of frozen garden peas to eat with dinner.  When I got home I opened the bag poured them into a bowl and stuck them into the microwave (domestic of me, I know) then all of a sudden the kitchen started to smell like I had just walked into a spearmint gum factory!  I started looking around to figure out where the smell was coming from when I realised it was from the microwave.  I grabbed the bag of peas and realised I had bought MINT PEAS! who makes mint peas?? And, these weren’t mint like peppermint they smelled like Extra Spearmint gum!!  Needless to say the bowl and bag of peas went straight in the bin after tasting one and feeling like I was eating gum that someone had already chewed…I learned my lesson though I now thoroughly read packaging as for all I know there might be cinnamon flavoured carrots or pine flavoured potatoes.

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