Where the “#@’?

This might be my most useless post to date (debatable as not sure any have been particularly useful) but in an effort to point out all things different between Canada and the UK I will include mundane/geeky things like this….computer keyboards are different!  Now I am a fairly fast typer – not always accurate but fairly fast (thanks to Mom for making me take grade 8 typing even though I complained endlessly about it…yeah me, complained, hard to believe).  I really don’t understand why keyboards are different as for the most part we use all the same numbers, letters and symbols in Canada, US and UK but the UK has a different keyboard.

The main keys affected are the following
” quotation marks
@ at symbol
# pound -here called hash (not to be confused with the Canadian version of hash)

There are a few others but they include these things which I haven’t found much use for ~¬`¦

Essentially for some reason the @ and ” keys have been switched so your @ symbol appears above the comma where the quotes usually are (accessed by shift then a stretch of your pinkie – proper touch typing here folks) and the ” are above the 2 key.  This one took a while to get used to as you do tend to use both ” and @ more than you think you do. 

The pound/hash one was a bit more annoying as it is on an entirely new key that we don’t have (there are 3 keys past the L button on this keyboard)…its the third key pas L and has ~# on it but for the life of me I couldn’t find it the first time i needed it as I was unaware a key existed that my pinkie would have to reach across 2 keys to get!

Finally the Euro symbol € is a nice treat as you can get it by hitting Alt and the number 3, this saves soo much time as you don’t have to go into Microsoft Word and copy a symbol when you are quoting in Euros, you will hardly know what to do with the extra seconds this saves!

Anyway I apologise for this post but figured I should warn any touch typers planning to move that there will be an adjustment period before you get back to your 80wpm (or 53 like I am on this site http://play.typeracer.com/…its a tremendous way to waste some time and sound busy at work!)

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One Response to Where the “#@’?

  1. Lorraine bentley says:

    Well, excuse my ignorance but I have been wondering for years how to make the pound sign! Everytime I send something to England I type the word. I thought I was just to stupid to figure it out! I’ll send you the picture of me standing under the stupid factory sign in Waikiki! Love Aunty L.

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