What does this button do?

On the day we moved into our flat (and by moved I mean brought our 2 hockey bags and6 suit cases from our hotel to the flat),  our landlord was still there doing a final ‘hoover’ (aka vacuum) of the flat so she gave us a quick tour around and pointed a few things out.  Not wanting to look too new into the country we smiled and nodded when she showed us things like our drying closet? (another blog for another day) and the dishwasher we didn’t know we had (it along with the fridge, freezer and washing machine are all panelled as if they are cupboards – sneaky!)   Once we got to the bedroom she pointed out bed, closet, panic alarm, then handed me a toy key for said panic alarm –  I let out a nervous laugh smiling and nodding a bit more aggressively –  right, toy key and panic alarms – of course!


Apparently these ‘panic’ alarms are pretty common and are essentially quick access to your house alarm and are located in bedrooms or hallways for convenience – push the big red button on the top when you are in a panic and it will set off your alarm, when you have calmed down and feel safe again stick the little key in the key shaped hole and it will turn it off (haven’t tried it yet but am sooo tempted – what if it isn’t a panic alarm, what if it opens a secret room with money and diamonds?!)

Now that we know what a panic alarm is can anyone tell me what this outlet in our bedroom for?? 

Mystery outlet

It’s the one beside the electrical outlet…it has three round holes in a triangle formation however I have yet to find come across a gadget or appliance with such configuration – oooh maybe there is a toy key that fits in here and unlocks the money filled diamond room!!??  Anyone??

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7 Responses to What does this button do?

  1. Pete says:

    That SHOULD be for shavers that have 2 pronged attatchments for some bizzarre reason…tho it should also be in the bathroom, not next to other sockets…but chances are, thats it !

  2. Rose says:

    Just come across this entry and I can tell you it’s a socket for a 5 amp lighting circuit!! A 5 amp lighting circuit is one that will turn on all your small lamps at once rather than you having to turn each one on individually. In order for it to work all the lamps have to be plugged into sockets like this. They are then controlled via a light switch on the wall.

  3. krappies says:

    heya, that 3 prong looks very much like the ones we have in south africa…and with london being so full of south africans, who knows…

  4. David says:

    As Rose said above, they’re for plugging in lamps that you want to control from a light-switch or dimmer.

    You can buy special plugs and wire them to the end of the lamp cord. The idea is that it prevents someone from accidently plugging a heavy appliance, e.g. a vacuum cleaner or a portable heater, into a lighting circuit which would not be able to supply the load.

    Also, plugging your laptop into a dimmed circuit might not be a great idea 😀

    And yes, they’re the old BS 546 standard, it was used in the UK and Ireland before the 1940s when the current rectangular pin sockets were introduced.
    It continues to be used for special purposes like remote-switched lighting, protected power supplies etc anywhere that you don’t want someone to accidentally plug in a normal appliance.

    And yes, BS546 plugs continue to be used in South Africa, India and a quite a few other countries which were initially wired-up under British influence in the early 1900s, but did not change to the new British standards in the 1950s.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Its for a table lamp with a 5 amp plug top instead of a standard 13 amp plug top

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