Some posh milk with your tea perhaps?

Just when I thought I was aware of the most advanced technologies where milk pouring is concerned I saw this in a fairly upscale organic store around the corner from my office (when I came out there were two fancy cars with blacked out windows parked in front with drivers standing outside waiting for their customers inside to give you an idea).  


Organic Milk Bag

This has to be the loveliest bag of milk I have ever seen it and is a far cry from the tacky plastic or glass milk bag holders I have seen over the years.  Once you clip the end off the end you have this bag like milk pitcher which stands on its own and even has a handle like a real jug! 

On top of the fact that the package is so visually appealing and the milk is organic, according to their website the package is actually made out of calcium carbonate (?) and over time biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water and chalk….now that’s swanky milk!!  I will have to get my driver to swing by after work so I can pick some up, wonder if they have a matching tea pot and sugar bowl?


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4 Responses to Some posh milk with your tea perhaps?

  1. kirstyliz says:

    Omg that’s so weird cuz I just read an article about the revolutionary new milk packaging that’s only available in Britain! (no kidding – I really did just read about this). Can you ship me some?

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey, what brand is this? I am trying to to find the product online. Who makes this?

  3. Amanda says:

    AHH Daylesford Organic. got it.

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