I love a good giggle

Don’t think about the fact that it is Sunday afternoon and that your 2 work free days are over and 5 work filled days are on the way. Think back to when none of that was important, when you didn’t need a TV, Internet or Facebook to keep you occupied, when the simple act of ripping paper could put you in hysterics.

Okay maybe that never did it for you (or me, if it didn’t plug in or have batteries I was generally not interested) but it did for this adorable kid in the video (must have made shopping for Christmas gifts easy), if this won’t lighten your Sunday afternoon or Monday morning I don’t know what will.

My favourite bits are the first few seconds when he topples over and hits his head twice and isn’t phased….amazing!!

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One Response to I love a good giggle

  1. Kirstin says:

    that’s toooooo cute! I might go wake up my kid and see if he finds ripping paper that hilarious…. ya, or maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow.

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