You have got to be joking

If this was written on April fools day, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

Apparently, Burger King is going to offer an £85 burger ($169 CDN) in select restaurants in upmarket London locations in an effort to show that they are more premium than McDonald’s.  Okay, I am fan of McDonald’s so not sure there is anything Burger King can do to completely wow me enough to choose it over McDonald’s but come on…. fast food is fast food, it is not meant to be premium, posh or expensive.

My favourite part of the article is this:
Burger King came up with the idea after Selfridges ditched an £85 sandwich it had served, containing black truffles and rare brie cheese. It plans to match or exceed this price.

Yes read that Selfridges DITCHED an £85 sandwich…if people who shop at Selfridges (£££££) won’t purchase an £85 sandwich, what the hell makes them think someone eating at Burger King will (other than a few members of the Royal family whom rock in after Mahiki perhaps)??

I am beginning to think this is a farce and that they did this just to get people to talk about it…kinda like I am doing right now…crap, it worked.  I still won’t buy one though.

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