Sunny with showers with sun again

One of the things we were warned about when we announced that we were moving to London (mostly by people who had never been to London) was to take an umbrella as it rains in London all the time. I do admit it rains here but its really not as bad as I had thought it would be and often times it will only rain for a bit then is nice again….

Yesterday was one of those days, unfortunately however, we had to run some errands – one including picking up a desk chair from central London and without a car and with the tube in our area down for repairs, we had to be outside for a good part of the day…mostly the wet bits!

At one point we got caught in Green Park during a massive downpour..and as you would expect, in a park there weren’t many places to hide. We were able to sneak under an overhang at a coffee kiosk but it didn’t help much as the rain/hail went sideways. It only lasted about 5 minutes then was sunny with blue sky again. I took two pictures of it below – bear in mind I was standing in the exact same spot when I took the pictures, one I took looking forward toward to the top of Green Park and one back toward Buckingham Palace…guess I should have taken everyone’s advice and brought an umbrella!

Rainy Green Park

Sunny Green Park

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