Lost bluetooth

Knowing that I am tech geek, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that while checking my train time the other week I couldn’t help but notice teaser stickers on the ground of the station leading to this a giant floor advertisement.  The floor advertising was for ‘secret’ footage from the TV show Lost that you could download through the bluetooth connection on your phone.  As much of a tech geek that I am, I have really never used my bluetooth on my blackberry as you can virtually transfer anything via email but I have always been anxious to find a use but always looking for an excuse to use such technology.

Anyway much to my dismay it didn’t work, I turned on my bluetooth and surprisingly found about 30 bluetooth devices (are you supposed to leave your Bluetooth on?  Can’t people hack into your device? – okay I sound like my mom asking about wireless internet now), there was one titled Lost but when I selected it, nothing happened. 

It’s too bad as even though I am not a Lost viewer, the technology was kitchy enough to grab my attention and since it didn’t work there is no way for the company to know how truly successful it could have been had it been working – this could mean they might not try this type of technology again which is a shame as it definitely has potential. 

During the entire process from reading the sticker and my failed attempt at bluetoothing however, I was approached by 3 different people from a large charity asking me to sign a petition.  It got me thinking….maybe there was never a bluetooth download, maybe Lost and said charity were working together to get people to stand in one spot long enough to allow the charity guys to approach them, in which case this was a brilliant campaign!

I wasn\'t the only one...

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