Anyone for some happy pills?

How do you sell candy to adults at twice the normal price and make them feel happy when doing it?…..


Clever branding and equally clever name!!  How can you resist a clean bright store full of bright coloured sweets from your childhood (okay maybe you can but I certainly can’t).  On top of the clean minimalist layout, they also sell mini first aid kids, medicine bottles and pillboxes to fill with your favourite sweets.  You can also decorate your medical supplies with themed stickers which say things like ‘Cure for Mondays’ or ‘First aid Kit’.  

I have always been a sucker for great marketing and for sweets so as you can imagine I loved this place and dove right in attempting to fit one of everything in my little bag.  Unfortuatley it didn’t work, but I did leave with some fabulously nostalgic sweets and enjoyed the rest of my day in Barcelona on a sugar high. 

P.S. On the subject of candy, why are there never enough of your favourite flavours in a pack?  I always prefer the red and purple flavours of just almost any sweets so was so excited when I saw this selection of ONLY red and purple (in this case strawberry and blackcurrant but they taste like grape) fruit pastilles. 



The issue I have is that I like the red better…can you see why I am disappointed?? Um there were about twice as many sweets in there when I started but I had only eaten 3 reds before this photo was taken (and probably 10 purples)

Lack of red fruit pastilles


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One Response to Anyone for some happy pills?

  1. Amanda Y says:

    ohhh.. how I also love candy!! This place looks fantastic!

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