Special Delivery

This will mean more to the Canadians in the crowd but the in-laws arrived last night…bearing gifts, loads of them.  See below….. 



Just in case you need an explanation:

12 packets Tim Hortons Coffee – a national treasure, just a solidly good blend of coffee
6 packages Swiss Chalet Sauce– a salty bbq sauce for chicken, its like marmite you either love it or hate it, I hate it, hubbie loves it. It can also be used on bread, french fries or just about anything else within hubby’s reach – we have about enough to fill a bathtub right now.
2 packages of marshmallows – for me, the ones here just don’t taste the same they don’t have the same squishieness – these will be gone by the weekend
1 huge jug of maple syrup– we’re Canadian, apparently we need to have one on hand at all times – it says so in our passport
14 boxes of Kraft Dinner– not to be confused withe the American version ‘Macaroni and Cheese’ this is waaaay better, good to eat when drunk, hungover or when you can’t be bothered to take more than 5 minutes to make dinner
Walkers Chocolates  – local chocolatier that makes Mint Meltaways, they are lovely but we ate a box at Christmas in record time so not sure I will participate in the demolition of this box
Black Seal Rum – the best dark rum you can get – and I’ve tried  few! 
The clincher – home made cookie dough, I am sure the import of this product is completely illegal – sniffer dogs and customs must have been asleep!

Luckily we are out for dinner tonight otherwise I am pretty sure we would be drinking rum spiked coffee, having a marshmallows in Swiss Chalet sauce fondue as a starter, maple syrup and Kraft Dinner main course with raw cookie dough dessert…..oy

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