Dr Han Zoff and Lola Forpi

April Fools! 

I am not sure what gave it away, was it the smoking dog or the ‘How it works section’ of the article which actually labeled ‘electric current’ and ‘canine urine’ but I have found my first April fools newspaper article.  I don’t remember if they do this as much at home but I do like that the newspapers take time to mock up a few fake articles in honour of April fools.  So far, I have heard of stories about Nicholas Sarkosy undergoing a ‘stretching treatment to make him taller and  a BBC discovery of flying penguines and of course the one I am referring to above which was in the Metro. 

The gist of that article is that the latest BMW (apparently released today) will include shock technology which will essentially zap any dogs who try to pee on the new BMW.  My favourite bit was the quote that Dr Hans Zoff the man behind the Canine Repellent Alloy Protection system said “Research shows that most BMW customers love to keep their cars clean but dog fouling is a constant irritation”.   Where could these people live that they have dogs constantly peeing on their cars…and who would have ever carried out this research “um excuse me BMW owner, on a level of 1 to 10 how irritated are you that your dog just urinated on your car?”

Nothing better than a few fake stories to keep you on your toes in the morning, I think they should do this more often….hmm on second thought, how do I know they don’t??

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