The religion that is Apple

I have to admit I have never really paid much attention to Apple gadgets other than the ipod and even with that I have only a working knowlege of itunes as I haven’t updated my song list since the early 2000’s.  This weekend however we were introduced to the Apple religion and think we might have become a followers.

We are in the market for a new laptop so have been doign our research but based on our specs, most things are pointing towards a Mac (insert geek gasp here)….how can I use a Mac? where is the alt key? How do I right click with one mouse button?  How can I survive if I can never open an Office document ever again? How will I know where to start without a start button!!

We decided the responsible thing to do was to go to the huge Apple store on Regent street  (that is always heaving with Apple followers) and see what they had to say about the Macbook which seemed to fit our criteria.  We were instantly sucked into the bright sleek and inviting layout of the store where we easily floated from station to station displaying the varius Apple products. 

We started at a table of Macbook air laptops which are enviably thin and portable (plus look pretty sleek).  Then we wandered over to the iMac which are essentially an entire computer smooshed into a flat-screen monitor meaning you have nothing on your desk other than this 2 inch thick monitor (at this point my hubby’s pupils morphed into little Apple logos). We finally made our way to the Macbooks and were pleasantly surprised with the size (which was a key deciding factor) and played around a bit (with the free Internet) and were pretty happy with what we saw. 

We wandered upstairs and found a theater like set up where they were running seminars…funnily enough the seminar we were walking in on was entitled ‘From PC to Mac’ (I’m sorry, does Steve Jobs also specialise in telepathy?)  We positioned ourselves at the back of the seminar and within seconds were hanging on every word the leader had to say enjoying his demonstration of their easy to use and aesthetically pleasing operating system (and cute little icons), to his bit which dispelled our fear that our printer and camera wouldn’t be compatible (it will) and that we will never be able to open or send and Office document (you can).  

By the end of it, Jeff and I had signed over our souls and first born child to Steve Jobs. We are picking up our new Macbook this week and have already picked out a sleeve to protect it when we go out.   We are also ordering our Dave (Sven) laptop table from Ikea so we have a place for our Mac-baby to rest.  Stay tuned for pictures. 

I now know why Gwyneth called her daughter Apple…

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3 Responses to The religion that is Apple

  1. Dizzle says:

    Welcome to the cult. Glad to have you. You might enjoy my blog.

  2. swissfondue says:

    Wish you many years of fun with your MacBook! For any questions you might have: search or post in the Apple support discussion forums on
    Apple has a bunch of tutorials for switchers and to learn about the software under: and also

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