Is a gadget holder a gadget?


Not sure if this is technically a gadget but its a thing to hold a gadget so it technically works for me.  Anyway you can get it at Ikea (yay!) and it is a stand to hold your laptop with adjustable tilt and height (to be sure I can still see the TV over my laptop – don’t want to miss a second of computer or TV land).  The strangest bit about this thing for me is the name of the product – for years I have kept clothes in my Aneboda drawers, did my homework in Uni off my Flark desk (stop laughing mom I did study), cut food on my Legitim cutting boards and watched TV on my Liliberg sofa.  How can I now bring myself to rest my laptop on, wait for it…..Dave?

How Swedish sounding is Dave?  Was their product naming guy on holiday so they asked some North American intern to think of a name and just went with it?  Either way, I will be ordering Dave (but will refer to it as Sven) and will let you know how it works out.

PS Can’t take all the credit must credit my geek girl website geeksugar for bringing this gadget to my attention!

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