What’s wrong with this commerical?

I have always loved watching commercials for some strange reason (pretty good thing I am in marketing) and sometimes find myself watching commercials more intently than the actual tv shows.  Anyway thought I would share some with you.  Watch the first one and tell me what is wrong with it….(more for the North American audience – yes all 4 of you)

Lovely story, all the Beverly Hills celebs only have those fancy cars for show but most of them drive Renault Clio’s right….would be a better story if Renault actually sold cars in the US.  They did years ago but stopped and have some deal with Nissan but bottom line you cannot find a Renault dealership or purchase a Clio there even if you are a celebrity (okay maybe I pay a bit too much attention to commercials).

On the subject of cars and commercials, I will leave you with one of my faves.  Again, for the North Americans in the audience, you may need to listen more than once to get what they are saying but it makes me laugh when I see these kids…and for your reference, a kip is a nap.  Enjoy!

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One Response to What’s wrong with this commerical?

  1. Amanda says:

    Your blogs kill me – Love them! 🙂

    HOpe your keeping well..

    ps.. i thought fortnightly had something to do with a fort too!..

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