I think I’ll walk thanks

My stomach flipped a bit when I heard on the news today that the Airbus A380 was due to land for the first time during a commercial flight at Heathrow today.

Admittedly I fly quite a bit however over the past few years I have become a bit of a nervous flyer so 2 years ago when we went to the Farnborough air show the thought and sight of the A380 made me very very nervous. I didn’t, and still can’t understand how something so incredibly big and heavy looking can travel through the air as it does. One of the main draws to the air show was that we would get to see this beast take off which i was very excited about (along with my fear comes a fascination with watching these things fly – I am terrified of sharks too but never turn down the opportunity to watch a documentary on them and really freak myself out, its therapeutic some how).

Airbus A380

Airbus from the back – the body is very ‘ant’ like

Anyway we positioned ourselves in the stands (only meters away from the actual runway which would soooo not pass safety standards in Canada) and watched in awe as the airplane took off literally right in front of us. It was pretty neat to see the it whiz by on take off and actually feel the ground rumble beneath you however once it took off it did a nice sharp bank to the right to show off how agile the planes really are which just showed me how quickly I can go from awe to nauseous.

A380 taking off at Farnborough

Airbus A380 turning

It was a really creepy feeling to see this huge plane on such a strange angle hanging above our heads. I decided right then and there that if ever I got to my gate at the airport and saw one of these planes at the end of the ramp that I would go the other way. Luckily I am not planning any trips to Singapore and pretty sure that the London to Barcelona route won’t be serviced by an A380 for a while.

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