Fine ‘American’ cuisine

I had a nice weekend, nothing particularly exciting but Saturday morning was quite warm so I was able to walk around without a coat on which is always a treat (ignoring the fact it rained from Saturday afternoon on til Sunday evening).  Saturday morning I headed off  to Sloane Square which is a perfect place to shop and people watch (two things I do quite well). 

There is a lovely, and fairly posh grocery store in the area that I like wandering through but this time I happened upon their ‘American’ food section which I hadn’t seen before.  I enjoyed perusing the shelves as I saw some old favourites that I had forgotten about and didn’t actually realise that they don’t sell here.  Things like Kraft salad dressing (they do sell it but only three flavours – Italian, Thousand Island and French, none of which are the same as the versions at home. and the packaging is entirely different), Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, Jello etc. 

Salad dressing


In hindsight, the section did seem mainly filled with sugary cereal, candy and cake mixes which probably doesnt’ give the English a very good perception of American nutrition but I did find myself with strange cravings for Creamy Cucumber salad dressing, York peppermint patties and bread and butter pickles (No, I am not pregnant, I am the queen of strange cravings though!) 

‘American food’
Kraft marshmallows!

I had to resist though as both the pickles and salad dressing were both £3.50 ($7.00CDN) and my favourite brand of marshmallows were coming in at £2.25 ($4.50 CDN).  As they can be purchased for about half that in Canada, I think I will wait and gorge myself on these in August when I am home and spend my pounds on things I love from here – like curly wurly’s, prawn cocktail crisps, fish and chips and Magners cider!

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4 Responses to Fine ‘American’ cuisine

  1. Pete says:

    Random Fact about Prawn cocktail crisps ! They are infact, not prawn flavor, but a variation of hot n spicy crisp flavoring !
    Theres an american shop in Lakeside, thurrock (Essex) which sells just american stuff, and its SOOOO expencive. Sells FLuff and Lucky Charms, both which i love, but cant afford at nearly £5 for the box !

  2. Jamie says:

    I see fruity pebbles cereal on that shelf. I want them now, they don’t even sell that here in Canada anymore. Bring some when you come home and I’ll pay top dollar.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Mmmm prawn cocktail crisps…

  4. sylvia says:

    Oh my god, they sell LIFE cereal! i haven’t seen that any where else in London. I love that stuff!

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