The penultimate fortnight

Fort Howe Saint John 

I am becoming more English every day….I just had to use the word fortnightly in a proposal (meaning every 2 weeks for those of you not familiar with this word).  I find it funny that people actually use this word (I often picture a fort in my head when people say it) I googled it to find out where it actually came from and it apparently was an old English word meaning fourteen nights (and doesn’t have anything to do with forts like I had thought).

My other favourite word that they use quite a bit is penultimate (second last).  Seriously, who made up a word for second last, just say second last is it really that tricky? I really didn’t think you could use this word that often but I hear it on TV all the time – mainly in sports referring to the penultimate minute of the game.  I heard it most often when we first moved here and the Olympics were on as unfortunately it seemed that most of Britain’s athletes were coming the penultimate place in the standings. 

Hmm I think I am going to spend the rest of the  afternoon trying to figure out how to use both penultimate and fortnight in a sentence.  Any thoughts?

PS Dad, I thought you would like the picture!!  (For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this place in person, its called Fort Howe in Saint John NB)

 (thanks to Dave who’s picasa album I found it in)

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2 Responses to The penultimate fortnight

  1. Lindsay Sgro says:


    I agree — first, fortnight is a RIDICULOUS word.

    second — Penultimate?!?!? I thought you were joking (meaning something like the ULTIMATE pen… a mont blanc perhaps?!? not sure!).

    These brits and their words. However, Kynan and I spotted a Bespoke tailor in the path the other day, giggled, thought of you, then shook our heads. Maybe I will bring fortnight to Canada. I am trying to bring WAG, because I think that’s funny 🙂

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