Any day that ends with a y

One of the biggest differences between the UK and Canada is their drinking culture.  I won’t go too much into the details of it but believe me, its entirely different.  Drinking here seems to be a regular part of the culture as snow is for Canadian Winters.  

I am not complaining though as I quite enjoy the culture as along with the drinking comes a very social atmosphere (and I am never one to turn down an opportunity to be social).  I think because people don’t have huge houses they tend to use the pub as a living room and meet up with their friends at the pub as you would have them to your house.  Plus, and this is probably why we dont’ do it much in Canada, no one drives so the ‘I’ve got my car’ excuse doenst’ work cause there is always a bus/train/tube that can get you home.

Anyway the point to my ramble is that I am marginally hungover today…yes today, Thursday because I went out with work colleagues on a Wednesday night!  Wednesday night, typically reserved at home for CSI and American Idol but here, I was out at our ‘local’ enjoying a few pints (of cider in case you were wondering).  And we were far from being the only ones there, it was busy (did I mention it was a Wednesday night?)  It seems any day ending with a y is a good day for a pint.

The beef I have with after work drinking is that no one eats!  Its like a sign of weakness if you suggest ordering food to line your stomach before engaging in a Wednesday night bender.  I blame the lack of food as the reason why I am feeling a bit ‘delecate’ today (and not the multiple pints of cider). 

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2 Responses to Any day that ends with a y

  1. Pete says:

    Just dont be an idiot and think that thats a GOOD part of living over here…because it isnt, it just ends in fights, 85% of A&E weekend admissions are drink related, and we dont ALL do it. Me for one, my partner for another, rarely drink and have never been to our “local” and plenty of people drive here…they just drive drunk, so again, not the best thing

  2. janet says:

    Adrienne….enjoyed reading your blog! Brennan just showed me it tonight and found your description of the macbook purchase entertaining! Had much the same store experience as you and Jeff did in the apple store in Soho NYC last month. Even the bathrooms were worth an image for my trip photo collection! Wes picked up his new iphone there and by the time we returned to Canada he had hacked the necessary program and had it up and running. Interesting to hear you have come over to the mac side!
    Your trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona was a treat. We loved our visits there and enjoyed seeing your photos of the Sagrada familia which was so familiar!

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