Back in one piece

Well we are back from our ski trip.  We went to a lovely little place called Engelberg in Switzerland (never heard of it?  don’t worry, not many have which is why it was a great ski destination). Do you know who has heard of it though?  Every skiing family with kids under 5 and parents who love nothing more than kicking back with a glass of Swiss wine after dinner and letting their kids run screaming through the hotel. 

Yes, this blog is coming from a childless couple who was travelling with another childless couple.  Don’t get me wrong, I like kids, I just have issues with the ones that scream through dinner, then scream while playing a Disney Princess game at 10:00pm at the table right beside us (conveniently located 10 tables from their parents).  Do you KNOW how hard it is for me to not swear when losing at Yahzee (or any game for that matter)?

Anyway other than the kids, (the guy beside me on the plane passing out just before takeoff and leaving our passports in a hotel safe in Zurich) everything else about the trip was great.  We had the most amazing weather for the days we planned on skiing and over the course of the trip, about 6 feet of powder fell with our last day being the best day of all with fresh snow and a clear blue cloudless sky.

Town of Engelberg

The thing we really liked about Mt Titlis (yup that’s really the name of the mountain) was that it wasn’t that busy….on what our hotel owners called ‘the best ski day of the year’, we never found ourselves waiting for more than 3 minutes to get on a ski lift and there were hardly any other skiers on the hill. At some points, it was only the 4 of us skiing down certain sections.

Mt Titlis

Luckily, the couple we travelled with had a simliar sense of humor as we did find ourselves in fits of laughter in appropriate and inappropriate times.  Most often however, we had the best chuckles over the ‘lost in translation moments’ like when our waitress wished us ‘Good Appetite’ every time she served us a course of food (in fairness, Bon Appetite does translate that way but it was still funny) or when the woman from the front desk called up to our friend’s room exclaiming ‘It’s say goodbye time!’ which was an attempt to tell them that it was time to leave for dinner.  Other times, our laughter might have been the result of a few bottles of screw top Swiss wine but thats just a guess.

Overall though it was great and not breaking anything while skiing was a definite plus…otherwise, I would probably have been stuck playing the Disney Princess game with screaming kids (resisting the urge to teach them how to swear).

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One Response to Back in one piece

  1. Kirstin says:

    So c’mon, seriously, how did it compare to the snowy golf course of home? Also, Julian has a message for you on his blog so check

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