March fools?

Padded lampposts

 If this story had broken 3 weeks later I might think it was an April fools joke but it sort of seems legit.  Basically a telephone directory company 118 118 commissioned a study and found out that 1 in 10 of us have hurt ourselves while focusing on our mobile phone screens (okay being a blackberry addict I can admit i have had a few near misses but never an actual injury). 

As a result, a London based charity is teaming up with 118 118 to wrap London lampposts to prevent walking mobile injuries…..all I can think of is this fabulous Rick Mercer blackberry commercial (and that this 118 118 thing is more of a PR stunt than a genuine concern for human injury but I commend their ingenuity!)

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2 Responses to March fools?

  1. Pete says:

    over 6 MILLION a year have injuries related to not lookin where they r going when using a mobile. FACT

  2. Joe says:

    Got your blog site from your mom and have taken the time to read them….Glad my waterworks is in good shape or I would have to read them in the bathroom. I think I would go skiing for the first time just to see the tea get hot by a machine before you get it….It would beat sitting in front of a fireplace with a fake cast on my leg……I will definitely be returning to your site…..Take care……Joe PS: Your mom and dad showed us a wonderful time in TO….Did you know your father does not use snow tires or as they call them in PEI “Groundgrips”? I wonder why they call them “snow tires” ? Amazing techonology and completely missed by Toronto…..

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