I am back from skiing and happily made it in one piece!  I will blog about the trip later but until then thought you might be interested in my foreign gadget which I found on the trip. 

This gadget/machine thing was located at the bottom of the ski hill and was a Nestea tea vending machine that dispensed the bottles either Hot or Cold!!  Pretty cool (and very appropriately for a location that can be chilly).   

Nestea Vending Machine

Basically for 2 CHF (1 pound/ 2 Canadian dollars) you choose your flavour of tea then they ask if you want it hot or cold.  Once you hit hot, an arm comes up and takes the bottle then places it in this mini microwave thing located below beside the picture of the mug (at this point my hands were pressed against the glass like a child at a toy store while I let out an ooooh neat!). 

Nestea Microwave 

It takes about 20 seconds then this arm grabs your tea and brings it to the side where you get it via a trap door.  The tea isn’t boiling hot but definitely warm to hold and would do the trick to warm you up on a chilly winter day.   Clever from a marketing point of view too as I really had never thought of drinking Nestea warm but it was quite nice and I would definitely get it again (okay partially to see the mini microwave thing again).

This has restored my faith in the fact that we aren’t too far away from the Jetson’s Food A Rac A Cycle which created full meals at the press of a button…I can’t wait! I have already cleared off a space on my kitchen counter.

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